Announcing GitLab's Q3 2021 Hackathon Winners

Moving forward, all the Hackathon-related announcements will be primarily posted in our forum. A place where anyone can comment, share thoughts, feedback and easily share on social media.

Another GitLab hackathon is completed, and I would like to begin by celebrating our community contributions! Congratulations to everyone who participated and contributed to GitLab.

This time, we had 157 submitted MRs, from 56 participants across 11 projects such as GitLab, Omnibus, GitLab Development Kit, CNG, Runner, and more. As of today, 111 MRs have been merged, which translates to 70% of the MRs submitted. The Hackathon’s Bitergia Dashboard has more information around the performance of the hackathon over the years.

There were 8 community contributions where their pipelines were failing so GitLab team members closed the MRs and opened new ones for resolving the issues. These closed MRs were counted towards the prizes and the GitLab team members were excluded from our counting process.


Like past events, everyone who had MRs merged will receive a token of our appreciation for their contribution. This time, 36 contributors had their MRs merged. It is worth mentioning that out of 111 merged MRs, only 6 are not related to or closing an existing issue. That means that the majority of participants worked towards contributing to the issues highlighted on the Hackathon’s page.

It’s also the first time we have attracted so many contributors (56) since we have been averaging 40 in the past Hackathons.

Hackathon prizes

Following the point system that we introduced in the previous Hackathon, we calculated the points each contributor gathered based on whether their MRs were contributing towards the issues highlighted on the Hackathon’s page.

Please join me in congratulating all Hackathon contributors:

Name Points gathered Prize
Siddharth Asthana 115 Grand Prize
Abhijeet Chatterjee 100 Grand Prize
Rishabh Gupta 75 Grand Prize
Stanislav Lashmanov 30 Second Prize
Lee Tickett 15 Second Prize
Kali Vara Purushotham Santhati 15 Second Prize
waridrox 15 Second Prize
Kolja Lucht 13 Second Prize
Anindita Basu 10 Second Prize
elcordova 5 Participation Prize
Fabian Schneider 5 Participation Prize
Fall1ngStar 5 Participation Prize
Hank Greenburg 5 Participation Prize
George Tsiolis 5 Participation Prize
Hannah Lin 5 Participation Prize
Baodong 5 Participation Prize
Jacopo Beschi 5 Participation Prize
James Chen-Smith 5 Participation Prize
Lawrence Lin 5 Participation Prize
Mukesh Dasari 5 Participation Prize
Niku Singh 5 Participation Prize
Pavel Dostál 5 Participation Prize
Remy Bordignon 5 Participation Prize
Stefan Schmalzhaf 5 Participation Prize
Tomasz DĹ‚uski 5 Participation Prize
vincent stchu 5 Participation Prize
Jonston Chan 3 Participation Prize
Jonas Wälter 3 Participation Prize
Viraj 2 Participation Prize
Ankita Singh 1 Participation Prize
Aussie Warren 1 Participation Prize
Daniel Nordhoff-Vergien 1 Participation Prize
Shruti Pal 1 Participation Prize
Tim Wiel 1 Participation Prize
Shuang Zhang 1 Participation Prize

The winners mentioned above will receive an email with a link to claim their prizes by the 26th of October.

When is the next Hackathon?

The next Hackathon will occur on the first weekend of December, from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th. We are organizing the Hackathon during a weekend for the first time and making it a three-day event to allow more people to participate whenever they see fit.

How do I get started with contributing?

An excellent place to start is the Contributing to GitLab page, where you can learn how you can contribute to GitLab code, documentation, translation, engagement, and UX design.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach me at cbacharakis AT gitlab DOT com.