Announcing the GitLab Hackathon

GitLab Hackathon is this week (September 27-28)!

Please come join us if you’re interested in contributing code, documentation, translations, UX design, etc. We will be using the GitLab Community room on Gitter ( for communications during the event.

Please visit for more details.

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Here are the videos for the first Hackathon sessions, enjoy! :slight_smile:

We’ll keep posting them as new ones come in. Any feedback will be welcome.

:rocket: GitLab Hackathon kickoff

Initial session of the GitLab Hackathon to welcome participants and guide them through making their first contribution and submitting a merge request.

:gear: Introduction to the GitLab Developer Kit (GDK)

Toon Claes, from the Geo team at GitLab, introduces new contributors to the GitLab Developer Kit (GDK). Along the way, he showcases the full development workflow from installing the GDK, running a development instance of GitLab itself, fixing an issue, writing tests to making a merge request (MR).

And here’s the video from the documentation session…

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Video from the translations/internationalization session.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and contributed to the Hackathon! A few quick reminders.

  1. Please have your “Hackathon MRs” merged by 23:00 UTC on October 8th to be eligible for prizes.

  2. Please let me know if I’m missing your MR’s from the Hackathon on this page

  3. We also started a “retrospective” section on the event. Feel free to add your feedback at

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