Announcing the Q2'2019 GitLab Hackathon

Happy to announce that the next Hackathon will take place May 29-30. Please visit the Hackathon home page for the latest.

Looking forward to another fun event!

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Just added a new tutorial session at

Looking forward to another great Hackathon in less than 2 weeks!

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If you are looking for issues to work on for the Hackathon, you can check out

Look forward to your participation on May 29th & 30th!


New reference about the issue to track MR’s during the event:

This post has details about the past hackathon (Q1’2109):

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Thanks for everyone who participated in the Hackathon. Here’s my wrap-up tweet

Please let me know if I missed your MRs from the event!

A quick reminder that Hackathon MRs must be merged by 23:00 UTC on June 10th. Please let me if you have any questions.