Announcing a new Q2 2021 GitLab Hackathon

Hi everyone!

Next week we are holding the Q2 GitLab Hackathon between the 2nd and 3rd of June. An important reminder that the start and end date of the Hackathon is based on your time zone.

In an effort of improving the contributor experience and the impact of the Hackathon, we are introducing a few exciting changes:

  • Prizes will be decided based on a new point system that is focused on existing issues/bugs/features
  • The kick-off call will happen on Tuesday, 1st of June, allowing time for participants to prepare themselves
  • The wrap-up call will happen on Friday, 4th of June and marks the end of the Hackathon
  • We won’t be holding any office hour calls, but we will be providing a-sync support through our Gitter channel

You can find all the necessary details on the Hackathon’s page.

Looking forward to seeing you all on June 1st at 12pm UTC for our kick-off call.
Happy contributing!

Hi all! I want to announce the end of this Hackathon!!

Another Hackathon, a new set of achievements!
This time we didn’t come close to our previous record, but that’s alright because we wanted to work on issues that have been around for a while.

Currently, we have 137 MRs submitted as part of the Hackathon where 10 of them are draft since more clarification from engineers is required. So that’s why on the website you will see just 125.

These MRs are across 12 repositories from 43 people! You can find more metrics at our bitergia dashboard:

A few interesting highlights are:

  • We had way more new people joining for the first time than the previous times
  • We had quite a few contributions coming from companies, addressing internal needs

Again, thank you all for joining and for your contributions! We will spend the next weeks reviewing your MRs and announce the results of the Hackathon at the beginning of July!