Announcing the Q4 2021 GitLab Hackathon December 3-5

:wave: Hello everyone!

The next GitLab hackathon will take place the first weekend of December between the 3rd and 5th. Yes, this is the first Hackathon that will extend to 3 days over the weekend (always based on your time zone).

In an effort of improving the contributor experience and the Hackathon, we are keeping the changes we introduced during the last time:

  • Prizes will be decided based on a new point system focused on contributing to documented issues/bugs/features.
  • We won’t be holding office hour calls, but we will provide a-sync support through our Gitter channel.
  • We are working hard on bringing new and different prizes this time, other than swag. We will be announcing the new prizes on our gitter channel on the 22nd of November.
  • We are introducing a public calendar on which you can subscribe for all the upcoming Hackathons, calls, and relevant community events.

You can find all the necessary details on the Hackathon’s page.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on December 2nd at 12 pm UTC for our kick-off call.

Please keep an eye on this post for updates and news.
Happy contributing!