/api/v4/projects/$PROJECT_ID/pipelines API call returns "500 Internal Server Error"

Since earlier today, the pipelines API call of one of our projects is returning a “500 Internal Server Error”:

❯ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $GITLAB_API_TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/$PROJECT_ID/pipelines?status=running"
{"message":"500 Internal Server Error"}

I’ve checked the status page and while there’s a live incident, this doesn’t seem to be affecting the API.

I’ve also tried fetching the pipelines of another project of ours and that call succeeds. So it seems to be something particular to our project.

Is anyone seeing similar problems? Is there anything I can do to debug this further?

This is a pretty critical piece of the Swift Package Index open source project and any help to solve this is greatly appreciated :pray:

Have you tried listing all pipelines of that project? I guess the problem could possibly be in “?status = running” part.

Thanks for your response, @jack97. This seems to have been fixed up stream now, requests are returning expected responses again now, with and without filters.

Maybe it was related to the active incident after all.

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