Error 500 on job submission


I am running a project on with CI pipeline integration. I have set up a specific CI runner, and I can see that it is successfully connected to However when I try to trigger a build (manually or via push), I get the following error in the log output of the runner:

Checking for builds... nothing                      runner=540f105c
Feeding runners to channel                          builds=0
Feeding runners to channel                          builds=0
WARNING: Checking for builds... failed              runner=540f105c status=500 Internal Server Error

How can I go ahead and debug this further? As the server mentioned in the error should probably be, I cannot have a look at the server logs to see which error this is.

Thank you for your help and best regards,


I have exactly the same issue.

Until recently everything worked fine, but now all of a sudden I get 500 Internal server error on the gitlab-runner whenever a build is triggered.
Just as Jonas I’m also using as the server, so am not able to look at the server logs.

I found tickets about similar issues but they refer to a decryption issue with secure variables.
And as I understand it, this is related to a configuration issue on the server


Alright, I upgraded my runner to the latest version (9.3.0) and now it’s working fine again.


Hi guys,
I still have this kind of issue on gitlab CI 9.5.
I have a gitlab server locally on Ubuntu and windows gitlab-runner (gitlab-runner service on linux fail…)
Did anyone has found something?
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