Are there any advantages for installing self-managed GitLab using Omnibus linux packages over Kubernetes installation for HA-setup?

I see advantages for Kubernetes method only assuming adequate knowledge:

  • Cloud native
  • Self-healing
  • Auto-scaling
  • Rolling Upgrades

Yet, I see that using Omnibus is the recommended way in the docs:

if you want the most mature, scalable method. This version is also used on

The best deployment option will depend on the organization’s needs, requirements, and resources. Resiliency and redundancy also increase complexity and costs.

There’s a lot of helpful information/resources here that should help you find the best option for you: Reference architectures | GitLab


We have a Kubernetes setup, and have chosen not to put GitLab into that because we use GitLab to bootstrap it, so putting GitLab into it would create a catch 22, where each part has to work before the other can come up.

Helpful Thanks