Assign issues of shared projects to group milestones


A team does use an agile project method scrum to plan their development work. Thereby, the team is defining pending issues that has to be solved for the project in a so called backlog. The issues of every project are stored in a backlog of a project. A team is working on many different projects. Thereby projects exist, where also other teams are working on (shared projects).

Within an iterative meeting, a so called sprint that occurs for example every two weeks, the team is selecting issues of the backlog that the team wants to work on during the next iteration (sprint) - in this case in gitlab there is a issue list for groups to see all issues of the assinged projects in their group. The issues that are selected by a team will be assigned and tracked in a sprint milestone (e.g. named “next 2 weeks”). This milestone is used to control the sprint advancement and to do a retrospective (e.g. 80 % of all issues are solved).

Problem Description

Group milestones are not transmitted to shared projects or subgroups

  • A group cannot assign an issue from a shared project to an own group milestone.
    (i.e. for sprint planning)
  • Subgroups cannot assign their issues to a group milestone of the super group

Scenario Description

GitLab gives the opportunity to create milestones within groups. Thereby issues that have been created within projects can be assigned to the defined group miestone.

In this example, I have two groups working on one and the same project. Group A contains the repository and shares the repo with Group B. The repository appears in the project list of both, Group A and Group B.

Group A and Group B are planning on which issues which are listed in the group issue list - that is the summary of all projects listed in thier project list - they may work on in the next two weeks. To plan their next to weeks, the groups want to relate the issues to their own group milestone, each called “next two weeks”.

While a member of Group B decides to work on an Issue on the shared project, he wants to assign this issue to the Milestone of Group B.

Here the problem occurs: Group B cannot assign the issue to their group milestone, since the group milestone does not seem to be inheritated to the shared project.


Is this a bug or is this simply not possible?
If it is not possible yet, that would be a must feature for practicing agile methods like SCRUM, in my oppinion.

Thanks for your feedback.

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