Backup TAR file growing since version 14.10.0

Hi all!

I just recognized that my daily GitLab CE backup is groing. Before 14.10.0 it was arount 10GB each day. Now its araound 10GB more day by day. Today its araound 200GB.

I found that there are files in the tar that do not exist in the repository directory that are a kind of copy of the previous version of the project. It has the name and timestamp of a previous backup.

This means: The TAR of today also includes the repo data from lots of days before, including the state of today.

I’m not sure what happens here. Any ideas?

Thank you!


I looked into a GitLab backup TAR file from yesterday.

I listet it’s content to a text file.

(Sorry for the bad “hiding” quality. I’m not good with my trackball mouse to paint lines :wink: )

In the screenshot you see the backups from the days before included in the todays backup. These files do not exist on disk, only inside the TAR archive.

I don’t see the need to hide those hashes (and db - that you haven’t hidden, probably assuming it wasn’t) is actually a part of the hash (it’s the 3rd and 4th (hexadecimal) digit of it).

It sounds similar to what I reported yesterday in:

if you also think so, consider chiming in there to say that others are seeing it too, and describe your experience+findings.

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