Basic problem getting CI up and running

I am using gitlab-ce v9.5 that was upgraded using ‘yum update’ from v9.4

I’ve tried a few different things, but I think this is everything that I did from scratch with regards to CI.
I can’t find anyone else having the same basic problems that I’m having, so I can only assume that I’ve done something wrong.

I’ve installed a linux runner by following

I’ve registered the runner by following

I configured the runner executor to be ‘shell’

Logged in as root to the GitLab GUI, I have gone to /admin/runners/ and assigned the running to a particular project.

Separate to configuring CI, the ‘develop’ branch has been set as the default branch.
The develop branch was branched off master.

Then logged in as a user who has ‘Master’ permissions on this project.
Following I see the runner under “Runners activated for this project”.

I’ve tried following this
Down the bottom of that page it says that “Now if you go to the Pipelines page you will see that the pipeline is pending.”
I don’t see that. I get “Build with confidence” and a button to “Get started with Pipelines” that takes me to the “http://git/help/ci/quick_start/README” link that I’ve just followed.

Separately I delete .gitlab-ci.yml from my develop branch and go to the project page and click on ‘Set up CI’.
This opens up the editing of the new file develop / .gitlab-ci.yml
I enter the following and commit.


  • autogen
  • configure
  • make
  • test

stage: autogen

  • ./

stage: configure

  • ./configure

stage: make

  • make

stage: test

  • make check

After committing that ‘Set up CI’ is still a button on the project page.
Clicking on it opens a blank develop / .gitlab-ci.yml
When I try to commit this I get told that the file already exists.

The examples at “” show “CI configuration” instead of the “Set up CI” that I get.

I’ve made some small changes to /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, but nothing that disables CI.

Ignore this.
It turns out that the problem was that the changes to /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb had some problems.
Commenting them out, reconfiguring and restarting has fixed the issue.