Best way to edit GitLab source if installed by Omnibus


I’m interested in editing GItLab source to integrate it better with our internal company systems.

I have installed GitLab CE using the Debian packages. What would be the best way to modify Gitlab source without having to deal with problems upgrading. Guess I’d have to convert from Omnibus to source installed version.

Just thought I’d ask.


From experience, it’s not very good to touch on GitLab source code because source installation do not support sidekiq memory killer. The way I recommend is to just use GitLab APIs to integrate with your internal company systems.


From the readme for omnibus-gitlab

Running a custom GitLab version

It is not recommended to make changes to any of the files in /opt/gitlab
after installing omnibus-gitlab: they will either conflict with or be
overwritten by future updates. If you want to run a custom version of GitLab
you can build your own package or use another installation

Guess in the worse case I’ll need to build my own packages for source level changes that can’t be done through the API functions. Wish me luck.

One thing to take note is that is you build your own package, you’ll have to set up your own Sidekiq killer. Recent versions of Gitlab doesn’t have too much problem with Sidekiq going OOM but I had a horrible time with earlier version.