Gitlab CE update

Hi all!

I’m running Gitlab CE 7.4 and want to get it updated to the latest version. This is from source (not omnibus packages). As far as I know I need to incrementally update the instance until I get to the latest version. Do I also need to create a new backup for every increment as well? Backing up is the process that takes the longest by far and I wonder if I can “cheat” here and skip this step.


Though it is not necessary, Its a good idea to take backup in every step of upgrade. If possible convert to Omnibus method as it is recommended one. That will be easy of management.

Hey, I will also need to update an omnibus 7.6.2 ce to the latest ominbus version (i.e. 10.3.2). As far as I understood, the best way to do so is an incremental update from minor to minor version?

Also here:

It reads like i can just update…