Gitlab CE: omnibus package with apache and mysql

Good evening everyone!

right now I heard about the possibility to install Gitlab using the built-in package manager (e.g. apt on Ubuntu).
Currently I’m using the Community-Edition built from Source Code and I want to switch to the automated version with the package manager.
Apart from Gitlab my server runs MySQL and Apache so I don’t want to install other services for the same thing.

Does anyone know a good solution to use the automated way (with package manager) in combination with MySQL and Apache on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Currently GitLab CE only supports PostgreSQL. To use MySQL, please upgrade to GitLab EE. See our features page for a guide on the differences between EE and CE,

  2. Regarding your objective to switch from a GitLab source installation to an OmniBus installation please take a look at our update documentation:

  3. Now for the final step, to use Apache in the omnibus installation you now have: