Best way to organize students groups and to automate

Hi all

We are in the process of setting up for our institution, which consists of students and teachers. We would like each student to have their own group in which they can create projects related to their various courses. By default, they should be the only ones to have access, in addition to the teachers. We had thought of the following structure under our main group.

A group named ‘Students’ where all the teachers are members.
Under this group, a group for each section (computer science, cyber security, engineering, …).
And finally, a group for each student in each section.

We have implemented SAML authentication, and we would like to create all the groups and assign the students via the API.

Is it possible ? Is it possible to add users in a group if they do not yet connect on gitlab ?
Is it a structure that you would recommend ?

Any feedback or advice would be nice

Thanks a lot !

Hi @vdahelmo

You didn’t explicitly mentioned what IDP is in use, but you may want to explore SCIM and see if it fits your requirements. For instance in Azure AD (if SAML implementation is used) there SCIM available for users provisioning in service provider (GitLab) out of the box.

As for the structure, keep in mind inheritance of user / bot / token access level, settings and various other features (i.e. compliance frameworks). You may want to split up institution into several OUs with predefined settings and memberships. You can control membership based on groups in your IDP and map those via SAML groups Sync to specific GitLab group.

For automation of groups and projects provisioning there are various ways (check for instance group API). There is also terraform provider.

Yes, this is possible using the GitLab API.

You can use the API to create groups and add users to them, even if they haven’t connected to GitLab yet. However, to do this, you must have the appropriate API access rights and correctly configured authentication settings. I was a student myself and I had problems, I didn’t even know how to write a 500 word for text, they asked me to write 500 words for me. Then I started learning programming separately from the university. The group structure you suggested seems reasonable and well organized. It will allow students to create projects related to their courses and teachers can easily manage access to them. Good luck, write back later!

In our school, we tried something similar a while ago when we wanted to organize student projects and make sure both students and teachers could easily access them. You can definitely set up student groups on GitLab and use their tools to make things automatic. The way you want to organize things, with one big ‘Students’ group, smaller groups for each class like computer science or engineering, and then individual groups for each student, makes a lot of sense. It keeps everything organized, makes sure only the right people can see certain projects, and helps teachers keep track of everything.