Create projects in other users' groups?

Hi all,

We have just installed the latest GitLab Community Edition on a CentOS6 box and am learning our way around it.

I have a few internal users signed up, and one has created a group: ‘Group X’.

I want my other users to be able to create projects within ‘Group X’.

Now, this sounds so simple, but GitLab doesn’t appear to allow this? Or, what are we missing?

‘Group X’ is configured with a ‘Public’ visibility level and has ‘Allow users to request access’ ticked.

If I try to create a project, there’s no ‘Group X’ in the dropdown for me to choose from.
If I try to create a ‘Group X’ group, GitLab complains ‘Route path has already been taken’.

Even if I log into GitLab as Admin/Root I am unable to create a project under ‘Group X’.

How can I allow all my users to create projects in each others’ groups?

Thank you!


I maybe wrong but I think you’re confusing logical groups with business groups. Groups are usually used for ACL purposes. Your users can create project right under their profile and set the security to Internal (auth user) or Public (anyone who can see the server).

If you have to have the group – “Acme Company” group, add all users to that group … sounds like a lot of work for no grain to me though.