Bitdefender detecting harmful connections from while using

Hello community.
I am sorry if this post is off-meta or misplaced but i wanted to share this with you and obtain some insights.
Recently while accessing my Bitdefender started blocking a connection to the following addresses:

After analysing the source i realized that this happens whenever i access rootpage.
Whois or tracing the IP does not give any safety meta data, I was unable to associate this request with anything related with advertising or gitlab servicing.

The domain appears to be a parking page.

Is this gitlab? is it safe to add to exceptions?
What is it doing?

Thank you.


Well I run on Linux, and I see this lr-in loading something every 3 seconds or so. Attached screenshot below:

I only get it on the main page though ( If I go to where I can access my projects then it doesn’t exist.

I’m not a Gitlab employee, but seems strange that the page is making post requests every 3 seconds, and I’m also interested as to what it is attempting to post and where.

I’d leave it blocked for the time being, as I don’t know what it is.

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Examining the call stack it might be related to LogRocket which is a frontend monitoring and product analytics tool.

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Yeah, I just saw that when clicking the in the browser. So looks legit I guess.

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