Gitlab Pages url is classified as unsafe by Google Safe Browsing

I’m doing some testing of the Pages feature and have enabled it on my repo. The URL I’ve been given has unfortunately found its way on to Google’s Safe Browsing system and has been classified as unsafe.

This is rather unfortunate as one of my testers had enabled Safe Web browsing in Chrome and they now get a big red alert when attempting to access the URL. I didn’t see it because I do not have Safe browsing enabled.

The repo contains Hugo + Docsy (theme) with three markdown pages - pretty small, so i’m unsure why Google has classifed it as unsafe. Not to mention that Gitlab Pages are hosted on Google Cloud Platform… The project was only created yesterday, so it is new and could be a reason why Google is classifying it as unsafe.

I’m on a 30 day ultimate trial, and haven’t paid anything. I have entered a support ticket but as I am not a paying customer I doubt I will get a response. Does anyone have any tips?


You could get a custom domain, and configure GitLab pages to use that domain. GitLab Pages custom domains | GitLab This requires DNS records for setup and verification, and includes that GitLab Pages will fetch a Lets Encrypt TLS certificate.

I’m using that setup for 3 domains, for example - served via Michael Friedrich / · GitLab

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Thanks yes, that’s the next option. I’m just wondering why/how this has got on this list and how to get it off…! I guess the IP address associated with this may have been compromised in the past, or the project name has been used before (although I doubt it) and was malicious.

Since the is a domain where anyone using Free can put anything, even malicious I wouldn’t be surprised there was some malicious usage in the past… sad really, but that’s what some people do.

Yes, sad :(. What’s strange is that “” is not listed, but “” is…

Can you share the web URL and repository URL to get a better idea of what could be a problem?