Brand new account, can't create a group

Just made a new account to start hosting our company’s projects. I got the verification e-mail which I did, it then prompted me to create a new group and our first project. I attempted this several times, and it just keeps throwing a ‘The change you requested was rejected’. I exited that and went back in through the regular interface and tried there. The group name is not in use, I’ve tried all different kinds of names and each one throws the same error. Can’t even file a support ticket since it demands a project link and I can’t make a group/project

Edit: After like 15 different attempts, I had to take it’s ‘suggested’ URL when I typed in a name, accept that, despite it claiming what i wanted was available. And then after it was created, go back in and edit the URL to the same thing it just rejected. Not a glaring endorsement.