Issue creating a group

I’m new to gitlab. When I tried to create a project, I got an error about an invalid namespace (which is currently just my user name). After researching some online, one suggestion was to create a group and try to save the new project there. My issue now is that I can’t seem to find where I create the group. Neither of the two option listed on the following page to create a group seem to be available as I don’t see a link to create in either location.

Any help on either issue would be awesome.

Thank you!

Hi @ariedy

If you go to Menu on the top-left of the GitLab site, and then select Groups you should be able to see your groups. Likewise, they should be in your own homepage (

Thank you for the tip. However, I’m still having trouble. Per your suggestion, I put in my homepage url. From there, I selected Groups and finally found a “Create Group” link but when I select it I get a “404 Page Not Found” error screen.

Is this on GitLab SASS?

Based on the documentation, I believe so, though I am not 100% certain.

OK, so GitLab SASS is but some people use their own GitLab installed somewhere else.

If you go to and then go to Menu on the top-left of the GitLab site, and then select Groups, what do you see?

If I then go into “Your Groups” or “Explore Public Groups”, I don’t then see an option to create a new group.

So, the option to create a new group is on the top navigation bar, and it looks like a +, but what’s curious about this screenshot is that you cannot see the group you already created?

There is no + sign on the top navigation bar for me. And I’m a brand new user and have yet to create any groups.

This is the button you need:

Any ideas as to why I can’t see it? I’m guessing that my repository administrator(s) have a setting(s) disabled. I’ve been through all the account menus and haven’t seen anything that might rectify the situation.

If you’re not using GitLab SASS I would definitely ask your administrators, yes!