Building Badge URL for Jenkins seems impossible

Hi there,

I just installed the Embeddable Build Status Plugin in my Jenkins installation to let Jenkins generate some nice build badges.
I really would like to use them in GitLab. But I can’t build the corresponding URL with the available variables.

My GitLab projects are organized in Groups. On Jenkins I’ve a flat hierarchy without group. This means a GitLab project “my-group/my-project” lives on Jenkins on “http://jenkinsserver/job/my-project”.
Only %{project_path} carries the project name, but it resolves to “my-group/my-project”. Thus, GitLab requests the Badge from URL “http://jenkinsserver/job/my-group/my-project”.

Do you have an idea how to solve this? The best way would to have an additional variable %{project_name}.

It would be possible to embed a Markdown Badge in the README file of “my-project”. But this means to implement this in all projects of “my-group”. I would like to set this Badge on group level.

Thanks in advance