Builds pending in


I’m migrating my project from a self hosted gitlab omnibus install to

I’ve pushed two commits to an hour ago and both CI builds are still marked as “pending”. At first I thought that maybe the shared runner was busy with someone else’s project, but one hour later, I am now pretty sure there must be something wrong with my settings.

When I go to one pending build page I can see the "Runner: " part is empty, is this normal?

The shared runners seem to be enabled:

My .gitlab-ci.yml couldn’t be simpler:

    only: ['dev']
        - 'echo "blabla"'

Can anybody tell me what I’m missing?

Nevermind, the build started automatically two hours and a half after the commit…

there seems to be an very long cue … is this normal? is there somewhere you can get any feedback about this?

Probably related: