GitLab CI stuck at pending

Hi, ever since Oct 3, our repo has been unable to run CI. We have a dedicated CI instance (running the multi-runner), and our repo is hosted on The job simply gets stuck in the pending state for hours. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

My feeling is that you’re in a bit of a bad position using (public website) to host something that you want to have your own runners for.

The tools to see if the runner is working and able to talk to you are invisible to you because you’re not the system administrator at

I’m just offering this up as a fellow community member. I would suggest you consider running your own private instance. Then you can go look at your logs.

At your repo page there isn’t much to help you diagnose these runner-not-visible-to-you problems.

What there is will be on your project runners page. What does it say?

For instance, my fork of gitlab-ci-runner here has two shared runners available.

Is your “specific runner” area non-empty and showing as online (recent communication less than 5 minutes ago)?

Secondly, does it eventually run? Is something else running that is occupying your runner for 4-5 hours?

If you were an admin on your own private instance you could see your runner “activity log” and see what else it is doing.