Can GitLab's comments editor support additional features using a plugin?

What I am trying to do is make it easy to reference some other issue tracker (you might use redmine or jira) with the comment system in gitlab.

In a comment I’d like to write

Please see issue #35062

And I want to have it expand into the following markdown:

Please see issue [#35062](

I don’t want users to have to write out in longhand markdown syntax.

What would be ideal is if the comments textarea which already has a “attach a file” could grow a “create a link” button, which could contain one or more ways of linking to external services, whether jira, or redmine, or perhaps some public issue tracker on github, sourceforge, etc.

Here’s a quick pictorial prototype of the kind of integration experience between Redmine and Gitlab that I feel is missing. If there’s anything that exists that gets me closer to what I could do if I had the feature below, please advise. Since this is open source, I’m obviously open to the idea of trying to write the feature. Advice, guidance welcomed, as is any pointer to any way I can achieve a similar goal with existing plugins and features.