Can the lfs data area be expanded?

I’m using GitLab 13.6 with CentOS 8.

I have enabled GitLab LFS as follows.

In /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb


gitlab_rails [‘lfs_enabled’] = true
gitlab_rails [‘lfs_storage_path’] = “/ var / opt / gitlab / gitlab-rails / shared / lfs-objects”

I have a question here. Does GitLab have the ability to increase the data capacity of lfs_storage_path?
(For example, “you can add the path of lfs_storage_path”)

I understand that Repository storage can add storage with “git_data_dirs”, but I would like to know how to add storage when lfs space is exhausted.

Thank you.

Currently only a single path can be passed to the lfs_storage_path configuration. You can create (or expand to) a larger volume than the current disk size if that’s an option. For example, if you use ZFS, you can add a disk to the pool while using the same mounted path.

Another scalable option could be to switch to using object storage for LFS, with MinIO or similar local object storage solutions that allow for easy and transparent expansion of size.