What is the correct way to update gitlab "lfs_storage_path" configuration?

I have taken gitlab lfs in use on my local gitlab server. There has already been some files stored under the default lfs-storage-path(/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/shared/lfs-objects). Now I want to change the “lfs-storage-path” to another directory with more disk space. I have done the steps as below:

  1. update “lfs-storage-path” to the new directory in the configuration file.
  2. re-configuration and restart gitlab service.
    My question is whether I need move the exist LFS files from the old directory to the new one manually or not.
    And any other steps to be done?

I’m currently in the same exact position. Have someone been able to change lfs-storage-path successfully?
Before I take any actions I want to make sure if that’s the proper was of moving lfs objects.