Cannot change email preference

I have two gitlab accounts. One is personal, the other is for work.

However, my work project is visible on my personal account, but is NOT visible on my work account.

How can I fix this?

You can create a group, add both your accounts to that group, transfer the project to that group and remove your personal account from that group.

That didn’t work.

Error importing repository into rht1/kernel - 13:CreateRepositoryFromURL: clone cmd wait: fatal: unable to access [FILTERED] The requested URL returned error: 302
: exit status 128.

I very simply MUST change the email on my gitlab account!
I can’t do it, because I’ve already used that email in another gitlab account.
That’s INSANE! I should be able to use whatever email I want in whichever gitlab account I want and to change them FREELY! What happens if I change ISPs or change jobs and have to use a different email?
This is just stupid.

You can change email address in your profile. Edit Profile · User Settings · GitLab. And you can manage your emails in Emails · User Settings · GitLab. Obviously you cannot have same e-mail in two accounts.

If I delete one account, will I then be able to use the email from that account in a different account?

Removing email from account in Emails · User Settings · GitLab should be enough to make it available for another account.
You can also delete your account, however I think account delete is not immediate and you need to wait until its scheduled.

Totaly agree
Deleted 1 email and everything works