Profile Settings --> Emails

I’m using the hosted site.

Under my Profile Settings --> Emails, there is the following statement:

Your Primary Email will be used for avatar detection and web based operations, such as edits and merges.
Your Notification Email will be used for account notifications.
All email addresses will be used to identify your commits.

On the same page, there is an Add button.

At this point, I have two email addresses. The email address I signed up with has a green label, “Primary Email” and it does not have a Remove button. My added email address has a Remove button but no label.

How do I change my Primary Email address, and how do I select/set a Notification Email address?

Hi! GitLab provides all three customizations you mentioned: Set your primary e-mail address Add/remove additional e-mail addresses Set your notification e-mail address

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@axil - Thank you for clarifying where all the different settings are.

When I try to change my primary email on the main profile page I always get a “Failed to update profile” message. Any idea why or how to get it accept the change?

I’ve tried just clicking the “Save changes” button, I’ve tried pressing the enter key, and I’ve logged out and back in again and done both the “Save changes” and enter key again. All with no success.

Hmm, it seems to be a bug. Open an issue to and the admins will respond you.

@axil - Thank you.

Bug report submitted -

@MetaSean I had the same problem.
All because of the fact that my email address contain the character “.”
Try typing your email address without “.”

@mickeykrasilnikov - The address I’m replacing (i.e. that worked initially) had “.” to the left of the @. The address I’m trying to replace it with does NOT have any “.” to the left of the @ symbol. Both have required “.” to the right of the @ (e.g. 2 “.” to the right in

I’m having the same issue trying to change my primary email. Neither of my addresses have a “.” to the left of the “@”.

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Does this error still occur?

Yes, it is still occurring and the issue is still officially open -

Same problem with " GitLab Community Edition [12.0.3]"

sudo gitlab-rails console

# Find user
user = User.find_by_email("")

# Update email with dot and save = ""
# Failed
=> false

# Update email without dot and save = ""
# Success
=> true

Update failed because exist an another account in our Gitlab with the same email as secondary email…