Cannot delete two projects and cannot create repo for either project, all other projects are fine

Hello all, I have been running Gitlab Omnibus since quite a few revisions before 11.8.1, but that is one of my oldest back-ups at this point. Migrated from Ubuntu 16 through now 20.

At some point my disk drive became full, and I believed the only impact was a backup fill didn’t create correctly, but, it seems that two of the projects have become corrupt?

I cannot create their repos, I cannot delete either one (from the Web UI, I am not familiar with using any of Gitlabs APIs yet, but generally take to them quickly), and while I was able to recover a much older version of the environment and backup those specific repos, I cannot replace the current environment’s two missing repos with their contents.

Please help, I’ve now been able to connect to the postgresql environment behind Gitlab as I thought that maybe the “id” was null for those two, but that is not the case. Feel free to ask questions, I’m familiar with Linux, mostly familiar with Git (roughly two years experience, generally have to google advanced stuff, but I can branch and the like), but this abstraction behind the Web UI is not familiar to me (Postgresql/etc.).

Let me know what you need to know and I’ll fill you in.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
Gitlab version: 13.5.1 (8ee0746f54c)

Two projects with problems are IDs 51 and 52. Interestingly they are the “newest” projects. The rest of the projects have been converted to hashed storage after I found out about “sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true”, I hadn’t done this till roughly 13.3.

Again, thank you for any and all help!