Cannot edit Gitlab snippets containing JSon since 8/21

Since 8/21 we cannot edit Snippets that contains JSon anymore. When clicking Edit the editor is blank and not clickable.
I tried with different projects, creating new ones and same problem.
Other content type (I tried Java and txt files) work fine.
Of not even if I choose .txt as file name, if the content is proper JSon, it seems to recognize JSon and has the same blank editor.

Since it worked ok until then, does anybody else have had the same issue recently?

Thanks for your help,


It is a known issue with already a related merge request, so expect it to be fixed in next days / weeks :slight_smile:

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Thank you for linking that issue, @rpadovani! Super helpful! :blush:

@logikoma Let us know if you need anything else!

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@rpadovani thanks for the quick reply and fix!

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