Can't approve merges

Suddenly the button to approve merges seems to have disappeared. Is this just my team. (no one seems to be able to approve) Or a widespread issue?


Not just you, I also made a post about this:

It’s very annoying :frowning: I keep accidentally clicking merge due to muscle memory

@carl.parrish Unfortunately, the approval button on merge requests displaying for users on the Free plan of and Core for self-managed was a bug that’s been present since 11.0. This was reported in this issue and the fix was included in 11.9. Overall, merge request approvals is a feature only available in Bronze for, Starter for self-managed, and above.

We have a new feature proposal issue open that discusses getting the approval button added back to GitLab CE for certain roles. Please feel free to give that issue a thumbs up, follow it, and add any comments.