Can't clone repo from GitLab CI in Docker

Hi there!

I’m have some trouble with GitLab CI. For the context, it is my first CI that I’m trying to install.
GitLab is installed via an Omnibus package and is in 9.0.6CE version on a CentOS 6 64bits. GitLab runners are installed on 2 systems: an Ubuntu 16.04 64bits and CentOS 6 64bits. The second runner is on the same server as GitLab. The runners are in version 9.1.1. There are installed through repositories. I have tried with a runner in a Docker service but it doesn’t change the result.
The servers are behind a proxy with authentication that limits their access to Internet. I have configured the server to manage the proxy (environment variables and so on) and Docker can retrieve images from Internet.

I have PHP project where I would like to do some PHPUnit test at each push. When I run the runner locally, everything goes fine. But when the runner is activated by GitLab CI then, the git repository can’t be cloned. Do you have any solution or even suggestion to resolve the problem?



  • bash ci/ > /dev/null

- phpunit --coverage-text -c app/

- docker`

Job result:
Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 9.1.1 (6104325) on arthur-docker (7b16a671) Using Docker executor with image php:7.1.0 ... Using docker image sha256:bca6e849844c9924fda99a3d8e271d37d9ed4fb5bc5727c3fe6c3ba171a4fdae for predefined container... Pulling docker image php:7.1.0 ... Using docker image php:7.1.0 ID=sha256:97c69bd40b40e1a1338409408ceb61b779097cc857037305450ad9a1ea249695 for build container... Running on runner-7b16a671-project-138-concurrent-0 via f24c7be7d1da... Cloning repository... Cloning into '/builds/ems/gest_dev'... fatal: repository 'http://gitlab-ci-token:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@internal.server.ratp:82/ems/gest_dev.git/' not found ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1