Can't Create Issues Specific to Repositories

Please forgive my ignorance on this. I just got hired at a new agency, and they are using the community edition of GitLab. I don’t know much in-terms of history, nor do I even know what is needed to adequately determine the issue at-hand. I’m hoping someone here can help me out.

We are running the GitLab Community edition on an install of DigitalOcean.

I want to add issues specific to a repository, however, the only way I can add issues are on a global level, and there is no apparent way to tie an issue to a repository.

I checked the documentation, and it mentions an “issues” button on the repository page, but I do not have that.

Is there some configuration that needs-changed? Do they have some old version of GitLab that pre-dates repository-specific issues? What’s going on here?