Can't delete kubernetes cluster

I created a cluster for my project, however I think something went wrong and now I can’t do anything, ie install apps, change the cluster name, and it seems like I can’t even remove the cluster from my project.

  • I can reach the Remove Integrations and Resources modal, and I can even type in the project name to delete the cluster, and a confirmation message even pops up:


  • However, the cluster is still listed in the interface and I can’t create another cluster to replace the one that I presumably just deleted:

  • Looking at the GCP dashboard, the corresponding resources seems to have been deleted or not even been created in the first place:

I’m not sure if I still need to wait longer for the GitLab cluster to be deleted, but I have no indication that I need to wait, and I’m not even sure if my deletion request has even been received.


Did you manage to solve this?

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Hi… I was facing the same issue. Now it’s working for me.
Try using “Remove Integration” button, not “Remove Integration and Resources” button.
For some reason “Remove Integration” button actually works to remove the Kubernetes cluster from the list. Please find attached screenshots.