Deleting GKE Clusters doesn't seem to work


I have tried to create two new clusters, for staging and prod, with the intention of using the auto devops pipelines, for my project. This was the first time the linked GCP account had ever used GKE, so I think they initially failed because GKE wasn’t enabled. Once GKE was done enabling, Gitlab thought it had created the clusters, but it really hadn’t. So I deleted them from the GitLab interface. They still show up in GitLab though, even though they were never even created in the first place. How can I get them removed?

Nevermind, I guess I fixed it myself by turning off devops, deleting ONLY the integegrations, not the resources, and then turning devops back on and recreating them.

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thanks for coming back to share the status and what worked for you, @sevensidedmarble!