Can't view the status of my pipeline and jobs

When following at: Tutorial: Create and run your first GitLab CI/CD pipeline | GitLab, I don’t see an option as stated in the section “View the status of your pipeline and jobs” for Build>Pipelines. I’m using GitLab Premium. Do I still need to configure runners or should I expect my pipeline to run automatically with runners?

GitLab version: GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.10.0-pre 758f77c0576

GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.10.0-pre 758f77c0576

Here is the gitlab-ci.yml config file:

stage: build
- echo “Hello, $GITLAB_USER_LOGIN!”

stage: test
- echo “This job tests something”

stage: test
- echo “This job tests something, but takes more time than test-job1.”
- echo “After the echo commands complete, it runs the sleep command for 20 seconds”
- echo “which simulates a test that runs 20 seconds longer than test-job1”
- sleep 20

stage: deploy
- echo “This job deploys something from the $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH branch.”
environment: production

To make sure your pipeline and jobs can run, head over to the CI/CD settings in your project. You’ll find this under “Settings” and then “CI/CD.” Look for a section called “Runners.” In there, see if “Shared Runners” are turned on. If they’re not, you should switch them on. This lets you use the shared runners provided by to run your pipeline and jobs.