Certified Associate gets rejected after submission

Im copying my project URL as described in certification exam steps:
but it still gets rejected by google forms saying 3 or more tasks are incomplete (completed all of them) or project URL is wrong - but this is URL which is generated by my safari browser.
please help with this url as this is blocking me from passing this certificate I paid for.

Can anyone help with this, as it seems that it rejects link due to something unknown and I think I did everything correct like 5 times on different learner accounts and this still gets rejected…
Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-9 o 13.19.48

Hey @Maniek5k, sorry you’re having trouble with this. This is related to a bug on the system that EdCast is working to solve right now. It sounds like you’re not being marked as ‘Complete’ in the system, so you can’t complete and submit the exam.

Can you please email support@edcast.com and share this same information? This will help them track and solve the platform bug.

Thanks for your patience!

@slee24 okay, done, mail sent to provided address, waiting for response.

Hello @Maniek5k ! We greatly apologize for the emails after submission stating the URL was invalid! We had an auto-emailer setup to catch bad URL links, but it failed and caused a number of folks to get this message when they shouldn’t have! If you have received this message, please disregard!

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