GitLab Certified Associate - submission page deleted!


I have completed the GitLab Certified Associate Self-Study + Exams

I did this twice, because version 1.14 was fixed after my discussion that wording was unclear and caused confusion, and the exam revised to 1.16 which made me reset my progress.

I submitted the exam requested URLs twice on the Hands On certificate page here: GitLab Learn
which seems to have been deleted.
Edit: Page now re-instated without comments… hope raised!
**Edit2: And deleted again :frowning: **

I have no idea what is going on and why that page was deleted and so have resubmitted the URLs on the test page here instead:

Please can somebody (@c.yoshida ?) tell me what is happening and whether the exams will still be certified? I’ve spent multiple hours on this course and I’m scared now it won’t be certified!

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I have same question. Not sure why it was deleted and just want to say, that i was not able to find that correct page after 20 mins of finding, i needed to google it…

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It doesn’t help that a YouTube DevOps/Dev celebrity has also asked his followers to sign up for the free course and they are adding his (?) hashtag to the main comments thread on the course.
Google translate was pretty poor so I didn’t understand much of it but it seems like he’s been telling people to sign up quick and do the course as there were only so many spaces available.

Currently is Submission moved to google forms also with links and more info on final pages of exam.

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How did you find that? Was that on the 1.18 exam version?

Yes, i started it again and clicked till exam, did first exam again and then again clicked till end of practical one and at the end were some information added (what link submit(original, not forked one),…) and also link to this google form.

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Thanks for that I would never have known since I’m not upgrading my course material again to 1.18 and restarting it all again a third time.

We’ll just have to wait and see if anything gets emailed now :thinking:

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