Change the author of an issue comment?

I have imported a spreadsheet of feature requests into GitLab as issues and have added comments culled from email correspondence. Obviously these comments are now attributed to me rather than to the person who originally made them. For just now I’ve added a note to the comment to indicate the original author, but is there some way I can change the actual ownership of the comment?

We are using a self-managed instance of GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.0.1-ee.

Hi @hamishlawson

This isn’t something specific to GitLab; it’s a Git question, and you’ll need to rebase your commits then force-push them back to your GitLab instance.

To change the author, you will either want to rebase or use filter-branch. This blog post explains how, but you can find the same information in lots of places online.

Good luck (and take a backup)!

Thanks for the reply. However it’s not the authors of commits in the repository that I want to change, but rather of comments in the issue tracker.

Ha! Sorry.

I am reasonably sure that this is not possible. If you can do it, you will need to use the Issue API and there doesn’t seem to be an option to edit authors there.