How do I preserve issue and comment authorship when importing a project from GitHub to self-managed GitLab?

I have a GitLab 13.7.4 self-hosted deployment. I have Administrator access. I have several projects hosted on GitHub which I would like to migrate to this instance.

I would like authorship information on migrated issues and comments to be mapped from the GitHub users to the corresponding GitLab users.

When running an import without taking any special actions, I see that all issues and comments are marked as created by Administrator and have an italic comment at the top giving the GitHub username of the original author.

If I take change one of the contributor’s GitHub user profile settings so their email address is public and I change the corresponding GitLab user account so that its primary email address matches the address in GitHub and re-do the import then issues and comments by that user are still marked as created by Administrator - ie, nothing changes.

Does GitLab support mapping comment and issue authors when performing an import from GitHub?