Import from exported gitlab project changes comment authors in issues


I am trying to move a gitlab project from one privately hosted gitlab server to another through the import/export functionality.
The “source-server” used to have a version older than 8.8 (can’t remember which, sorry), but was upgraded to 8.12.6, which is the same version that the “destination-server” is running. I run an export, and then an import, which works fine.
The issue is that all comments on issues become authored by me, instead of the real author (as seen in the source server).
The wierd thing is that this looks like this when looking at the issue, but if I go to the user in question and check his “Activity” it will say that he wrote the comment.
The tickets themselves seem to have correct authors, it is just the comments that are wrong.

The users in question (there are only two users, apart from me) all exist on the destination server, and are LDAP users (the same ldap server for both gitlab servers), although the first time I tried the import the users had not yet been created, if that is relevant.

Hopefully this is easy to resolvem, since I really like GitLab!


Oh, and one more thing, I’m running as admin.