Changelog generator for GitLab projects

This is more of a sharing post rather than a question.

We made a little CLI tool based on Python to generate the changelog of GitLab projects/groups that do not use Git trailers. Here is the tool:

The tool is capable of generating changelogs for each tag. It can integrated into CI pipelines to add the new changelog entry based on the activity from latest tag. The MRs will be grouped in the changelog based on the labels and/or title prefixes where users can configure which labels and prefixes they are using for their projects. The tool’s config can be readily integrated with pyproject.toml for Python projects and package.json for node projects. For others, a .gitlab-activity.toml can be used in the root of the repo to define the config. The changelog of the tool is generated from itself in CI during release job.

Any feedback would be welcome. Cheers!!