How does files are generated

Hi, is there any documentation about how does file is generated for GitLab releases?

I know there is bin/changelog script inside the gitlab-ce repository, but as far I understand it only creates a new yaml record inside changelogs/unreleased directory. How are they converted into nice Markup and copied to

I see there is a bot for it ( with an automatic task ( but I can’t find any source for it.

I would be grateful if you will let me know how to do it on my own.

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Hi Marcin,

I think the release-tools project is what you are looking for.

And in particular:

Here is also some more background info on GitLab changelog entries:

I hope this helps!

Hi @dplanella, thanks for the message. That’s what I was looking for. Maybe not exactly (I was hoping that there is a simple one file script like changelog) but it should be enough.

Thank you!

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