Changing update notifications

Hi. I would like to know, how I can change alert notification about update version Gitlab?
In my work, I have a team that all of them are admin rule on Gitlab.
Recently begin to appear to us alert notification and a option update now to click. It make me worried, even that my collegues knows that it’s a dangerous button, but acidents can happen you know?

I have searched for notifications settings but I just found configuration about the projects and groups.


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I’d be interested in the same feature!

Our instance has a few admins, but not all of them are doing real maintenance… So it would be great if the message could be somehow configured to be hidden or “Read” so that irrelevant “admins” are not bothered by it?

This feature was implemented in 15.7, I guess this was the related issue: Further emphasize upgrade notice for critical security updates (#344682) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

You can disable the web UI notifications altogether under Admin → Settings → Metrics & Profiling → Usage Statistics and turn off the option for enable version check. The downside is you won’t see it anymore in the web UI, and unless you see the forum posts here when new updates are made, then you might not necessarily know. I tend to update my servers regularly anyway, so would see the package appear when updates are released anyhow without subscribing to notifications. I guess it’s just personal preference on how you administer servers.

There doesn’t seem to be any other way than this right now, eg: limit it to email notification when a new update is available or some other method. It would be good though if Gitlab expanded the abilities for what kind of notification, GUI or email or whatever.