CI Minutes Pricing For Groups

I’m trying to purchase 1,000 additional CI minutes but I cannot make sense of the pricing. In the checkout page if I select the user, myself, I get the expected price of $10. If I select my team’s group the price jumps to $76.21. I don’t understand where this price comes from nor have I seen any information about different pricing for users and for groups. My understanding is that 1,000 minutes costs $10.

I need the minutes to be shared among the members of our group. Why am I seeing $76.21 when I select the group?

Hi @jvasilkoski

Thanks for bringing this up. My attempts to duplicate this behavior to provide reproducible steps for a bug report have been unsuccessful.

I think the pricing discrepancy may be related to a known issue that was recently fixed on

Can you retrace your steps to reproduce this behavior, and confirm if you’re still seeing the same problem?

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Hi @gitlab-greg

Today I no longer this issue, I see the correct pricing for the individual user and the group. Thanks for pointing us to the related issue.



thanks for surfacing this @jvasilkoski!