CI Runner error 502 to run jobs

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile:

So… my current problem is the following:

I’ve installed a Gitlab-ce, as a docker container (as well the runner itself), on a server that the OS is CentOS 8. So far so good, I had a few problems to register the runner to the Gitlab container, but I’ve managed to do so.

So I went to do the test on the runner, to see if he was doing his job, but I’ve noticed these screens:

So I thought the cause of the problem could be the gitlab-ci.yml that I was using. I made the switch to an example that is in the Gitlab documentation itself and the problem persisted, so I went to check the container logs through the portainer and realized this:

Runner logs

And to complete my great situation, when I stay a certain period of time in the same page on the Gitlab and try to reach other endpoint, appears to me a 502 ERROR screen, and I have to restart the container to work properly. I’ve looked on the logs, and captured some of then to help me to get to the source of the problem, but unfortunately I don’t have the experience needed to truly understand what the problem is.

This is the logs that I’ve mentioned earlier: Gitlab container logs

Edit: I put the runner in specific mode to see if he could run the pipeline jobs, but the problem persisted the same way.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me :slight_smile:

Just to check: your pipeline does also come with the same tag as the runner? Tagged runners don’t pick up untagged pipelines by default I believe.

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It was missing the tag, so I put and restarted the pipeline, but the problem persists as the following image:

could you post your pipeline config/ .gitlab-ci.yml?

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Sure thing !


ah, I didn’t mean a git tag, but in you pipeline jobs:

  image: ruby:2.5
    - apt-get update
    - apt-get install -y sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev nodejs
    - ruby -v
    - which ruby
    - gem install bundler --no-document
    - bundle install --jobs $(nproc) "${FLAGS[@]}"
    - ntiunifacisa

    - bundle exec rspec
    - ntiunifacisa

    - bundle exec rubocop
    - ntiunifacisa
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Thanks a lot for your help and your patience man. That was exactly the problem. Now I have more experience to deal with more problems in the future

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