Referenced commits not showing in issues

Hi, I’m trying to reference issues in my commits so that they appear in the issues page like this

I can see my other team members commits there, so it must work, but whatever I put in the commit message (i.e. “#51 block UI update” or “Close #51 block UI update”) it never shows up there. However, if I go to Repository > Commits, I’m able to click on the “#51” and see the related issue.

I used Git Bash and Windows cmd with the following command: git commit -m “#51 Update UI”

I found this thread with the same problem but no solutions Commit message referencing issue is not mentioned in issue and is not automatically closed
I was hoping someone here could help

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Hi, got the same issue for all the repos in my group.
I tried creating a new repo (personal) and it worked perfectly there
Also tried from a new clone, or renewing my ssh keys, no changes

Hi, I have the same issue. I tried switching from git on the command line (I’m using Ubuntu 18.04) to Gitkraken but the commits are still not being referenced on the issues.

We finally figured it out. I was accidentally using a different gitlab account, double check if you are pushing commits with the right account. I had to recreate my ssh keys, too.

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Thanks so much for coming back to the forum to share your solution. The forum lives from this feedback! :slight_smile:

I have this issue too (referenced commits not showing). As the commits show up in the repository ok, why don’t the references show up in the issues? I only have one GitLab account so I can’t see how that could be related.