Configure Service Desk Autoreplys on new notes

Can mail replys to service desk customers be configured?

Currently, we are using a gitlab service desk in a software project. We primarily use the issues created by the service desk to organize and prioritize our own work on the issues. Several people of different responsibilities are potentially working on the same issue and coordinating their efforts in comments below the issue. These conversations can become quite lengthy and technical, and we do not want the customer to get mails about these convos.

At the moment, every time a note is added to the issue, the customer will receive an email. We would like to prevent this - e.g. the customer does not get any replies by gitlab at all. Is that possible, and if so, how?

Of course, ideally, we could configure the response behavior even better: For our case, it would be best, if the customer would receive an automatic confirmation response on sending his mail, and then another mail when the supporter closes the issue, e.g. with the note text when clicking “Comment & close issue” or a generic issue closing message when just closing the issue without further comment.

Is any of this possible?