Connection of Slack to private Gitlab instance

I would like to ask you if it’s possible to use connection for Slack (Slack app: Get Started | Slack) from our private standalone Gitlab instance. This instance is visible over internet but when I click on “add app” in Slack it always redirects me to sign into Gitlab cloud. Is it possible to connect to our private Gitlab?


According to documentation, it is available on all tiers including self-managed: Slack notifications service | GitLab

I don’t have Slack so I cannot test/check/verify but I know there is an option under Admin Settings → Integrations where Slack can be configured as well as under the projects also.

As per the docs, you just go to this URL: Get Started | Slack

Choose the channel and then you get a webhook url which you use in your Gitlab configuration. Perhaps if you are doing something else in Slack, this is why it redirects to Gitlab, instead of using the webhook url method.

I was trying to add an application under Slack. They have many of them. I’ll try to go through docs you sent. Thank you!

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