Slack integration is a problem due to and differentiation

I am trying to use slack slash commands on slack to subscribe to gitlab repo inside my company.
Problem starts when I use the slash command and it asks me to CONNECT THE APP. It redirects me to where there is no explicit username/password provided to me.
This is because I use to see my project
I cannot SSO from to due to lack of options on the homepage


Please follow the instructions outlined in the Gitlab docs: Slack notifications integration | GitLab this should get it working for you.

These instructions for integrating slack notifications are now Deprecated. The same issue persists with the Slack app, in that it only/always takes me to (SaaS) to sign in.

How can we authenticate the Slack app for use with a self-hosted instance of GitLab?

from the link in my previous post. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the Gitlab for Slack to be added to self-hosted.